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YXH Tube Mill Company Attend The Sixth Indian Stainless Steel Houseware Show


YXH Tube Mill Company Attend The Sixth Indian Stainless Steel Houseware Show

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Indianstainlesssteelhousewareshowisheldonceayear,TheexhibitionistheonlyandthebiggeststainlesssteelhouseholdgoodsproductionchainbusinessesinIndia ,Itisthe mostprofessionalandimportantplaceforlargeimpor

Indian stainless steel houseware show is held once a year, The exhibition is the only and the biggest stainless steel household goods production chain businesses in India  ,It is the  most professional and important place for large importers and wholesalers  from India and other south Asian countries  to order stainless steel products, machinery and equipment .
As a professional stainless steel tube mill and stainless steel pipe polishing machine manufacturer. YXH tube mill company certainly couldn’t miss the good opportunity to  show our strength for buyers .

Of course , In addition to demonstrate our manufacturing capability, win more new customers. We have another important purpose which  is to visit our old customer in India.
With 20 years export experience, YXH tube mill company customer is around all over the word . in order to keep a good cooperation relations and give customer a good after-sell service . We often fly to the location to help install the pipe making machine and train your staff .



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