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ZG40 Stronger Design SS Pipe Making Machine


ZG40 Stronger Design SS Pipe Making Machine

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ZG40 SS Pipe Making Machine with Stronger Design ,such as Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand and Totally enclosed automatic Grinding head.

stainless steel pipe making machine

Different configurations of pipe making machines have different prices. Therefore, we will have options when we send quotations to customers.

Today we will introduce ZG40 Stronger Design SS Pipe Making Machine. This pipe making machine can make stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes, with diameter from 8mm to 50.8mm, thickness from 0.2mm to 2.0mm.

ss pipe making machine

Why do wesay this is stronger design pipe making machine? We use Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand. It is easy to change and adjust roll sets, will take roughly 40minutes to change full set roll sets .

pipe making machine-needle bearing

And this pipe making machine with automatic grinding head, no need the worker stand here to operate , the flap wheel will up and down automatic as the condition.

pipe making machine-grinding section

If you are looking for PIPE MAKING MACHINE,welcome let us know. We are happy to serve you.

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