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ZG90 Big Size Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine


ZG90 Big Size Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

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ZG 90 stainless steel pipe making machines for making big sizes stainless steel pipes

ZG90 Big Size Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

In recent years, we have received more and more customer inquiries about pipe making machines for making large stainless steel pipes. For big sizes stainless steel pipe making machine, we supply ZG60, ZG70,ZG80,ZG90,ZG100 model.

pipe making machine

Today, we will show our ZG90 stainless steel pipe making machine. This pipe making machine can make stainless steel pipe with diameter 120mm to 129mm, thickness 1.5mm to 6.5mm. This stainless steel pipe making machine not only can make round pipes, but also square pipes, rectangle pipes, oval pipes.

pipe making machine-round pipe

According to customer requirements, this equipment arch adopts needle bearings in horizontal shaft, and the grinding section adopts semi-automatic grinding head.

pipe making machine-part

So, if you have a demand for the production of big sizes stainless steel pipes, please contact us and tell us your needs, we can customize according to your needs.

pipe making machine

And this is the pipe making machine video, please click to watch and follow us. We occasionally upload pipe making machine videos.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTtcG4IEyi8

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