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850 Coil Slitting Line

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slitting machine

Sheet Metal Strip Coil Slitting Line Machine Video Coil Slitting Line Machine Application
slitting machine Feeding→Decoiling→Loop pit→Slitting→Scrape collecting→Loop pit→Tension→Recoiling→Unloading→Finished


Coil Slitting Line

Coil Slitting Machine

Sheet Metal Strip Slitting Line Machine with Customized Service
Material Stainless Steel metal slitting machine, slitting line machine, sheet slitting machine, sheet metal slitter machine
Thinkness Range 0.2-2.0mm
Width 800mm
Entry Material 460-520mm 
Recoiler Material 480-510mm
Max Diameter 1500mm
Max Weight of Entry material 8T
Max Weight of Recoiler Material 8T
Cutting Speed 0~120m/min
Horizonta beat ±0.01mm
Vertical beat ±0.01mm
Voltage 380V
Container size 1×20GP
sheet metal slitting machine, metal slitting machine, slitting line machine
Foshan Manufacturers Metal Strip Slitting Machine Made in China include these parts:
Feeding trolley 1 Set
Hydraulic uncoiler 1 Set
Side guards & Slitting Machine 1 Set
Loop traversing crane 1 Group
Separation device and the tension generator 1 Group
Separation device & hydraulic recoiling machine 1 Group
Discharge port trolley 1 Set
Hydraulic system 1 Set
Power control system 1 Set
Other components 1 Set
Note: this is just for references, customer customized is available

The production of sheet metal slitting line machine     Applicable for...

coil slitting line

Sheet Metal Slitting Line Machine characteristic:

Application :

The sheet metal slitting line machine is used for the metal plate decoiling, slitting and winding into several volumes needed width coil plate.

Suitable for processing of cold rolled and hot rolled carbon steel,silicon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and the surface of all kinds of metal

plate after plating.The Slitting Line PLC control, human-machine interface, according to a high degree of automation,simple operation and


Advantage: high precision and customer from all over the word and different industry, Taiwan standard QC

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