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Steel Pipe Tapering Machine

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pipe tapering machine

Pipe Tapering Machine mainly reduce steel pipes/ms pipes/carbon steel pipes/aluminium pipes end. This taper pipe end machine is esay to

operate and high productive.

pipe tapering machine

We have two popular model of pipe reducing machine , 50 model and 76 model, which can process steel pipe with diameter 12.7mm to 76.2mm.

The finished steel pipes can be used for furniture, such as sofa leg, chair leg,locker feet, table leg, etc.

pipe reducing machine application

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  TF-06 TF-07 TF-08
Processing range(mm) 12-25 16-51 38-76
Workpiece thickness(mm) 0.5-1.0 0.7-1.5 1.0-2.0
Forming the length(mm) 300 300 300
Forming time(s/m) 10 10 10

Key words :


The operation of Pipe Tapering Machine / Tube reducing machine is simple and easy to use.

pipe reducing machine


Key words :pipe tapering machine


The finished steel pipes can be used for furniture (sofa leg, chair leg,locker feet, table leg), sanitary ware, outdoor public facilities etc.

Stainless steel taper pipe forming machine use of advanced technology at end of the stainless steel(φ12-φ76.2mm) of the pipe

processing with the processing of good quality and low cost, high efficiency processing of stainless steel is the ideal choice for taper pipe


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