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Tooling Set for Tube Mill

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stainless steel pipe roller

pipe diepipe roller setpipe mouldpipe tooling set


Stainless Steel Tube/Pipe Mould Die/Roller Set /Pipe Mould/Tooling set
Model Depends on Tube's model,diameter and material
Function Make pipes/tubes
Material Cr12Mov/SKD11/D2
Shaping Mode Compression Mould
Product Material SS/CS/Copper
Useful time 10 years
Pipe Shape Round/Square/Rectangle/Irregular tec
Hardness HRC 63-65 degrees
Heat treatment Vacuum gas quenching and subzero heat treatment
Quality Control ISO9001:2000
Warranty time 1 year
Application Install in the pipe making machine to manufacture the SS/CS/Copper pipe
Other types maybe you need:
Pipe type Specification Material Tolerance range Hardness range
Round pipe Φ 5-325 Cr12Mov/SKD11/D2 Roundness+/-0.05 HRC63-65
Square pipe F10x10-F300x300 Cr12Mov/SKD11/D2 Roundness+/-0.04 HRC63-65
Rectangle pipe F10x20-F120x60 Cr12Mov/SKD11/D2 Roundness+/-0.04 HRC63-65



The detailed steps of the mould's production process:

diemouldmoldpipe mould

pipe moldroll settooling setpipe roller

roller set

Pipe Tooling roll Set for Tube Mill characteristic:
  • Install in the pipe making machine to manufacture the SS/CS/Copper pipe 
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