• Name: SS Round Pipe Polishing Machine
  • ITEM: Round pipe polisher machine
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For Round pipe polishing     Applicable for...

ss pipe polishing machine
SS Round Pipe Polishing Machine characteristic:
  • main motor adopt frequency conversion and gear reduction, stable and durable, easily operate, low failure rate.
  • Grinder shaft blackening treatment, with duplex bearing, high speed
  • With box-type structure, exhaust duct and duct collection box.
  • Heightening motor, easy replace and maintenance
  • Big round pipe polishing machine using middle rubber roller to reduce friction, without scratch, and get better polishing effect, cost saving 
  • Broad-spectrum, for both mirror polishing and stain finish.

Passed the IS09001:2000 international standard certification
Round pipe Polisher Machine
ss pipe polishing machine
Polishing tube, Round pipe Polisher Machine
Pipe Material
Stainless steel; Carbon steel; Copper etc.
Pipe Thickness
0.2~6.0 mm Round Pipe Polisher Machine
Pipe Diameter
0-60m/min  Pipe Polisher Machine
57/77KW(Actual consumption 65%)
7200*1270*1520m/7200*1370*1720 Pipe Polishing Machine
1 person 2 machines
Delivery time
40 days after receiving the deposit
Mainly to polishing round tubes surface
Remarks:the dringding head shaft lengthening can be installed 300mm thick hemp wheel
CAD. & 3D effect chart :

ss pipe polishing machine

ss pipe polishing machine
pipe polisher machine
I. Motor 7.5KW*5 + 5.5KW*3  group, The design of thick
wall pipe 7.5KW*8 .

II. Increase the variable frequency motor :
It is a humanization design for adjusting the speed of polishing .
pipe polisher machine
pipe polisher machine
I. Shaft increased,improves the quality of the polishing
machine and the speed of the polishing;
II. Rubber wheel replace by resin adhesive wheel;
III. Double bearing after high frequency heat treatment;
ss pipe polishing machin

ss pipe polishing machin

The design concept is for dust collection. It's good for cleaning,and it can protect the polishing equipment.
To increase the design of seal grooves at the bottom. It improve the operational stability.