• Name: Square Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine
  • ITEM: Square Pipe Polishing Machine
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For square and rectangle pipe polishing     Applicable for...

square stanless steel pipe polishing machine
Stainless Steel Square Pipe Polishing Machine characteristic:
  • Increase 4 group cant polished,square and rectangle pipe brightness improves 10%
  • Polishing machine useful life increased to 10-15 years
  • Machine weight increase 16T,  improving the stability of equipment
  • Polishing with a rubber wheel, high temperature ,strong wear resistance
    Passed the IS09001:2000 international standard certification
32 Guoup Square pipe Polishing Machine
steel pipe polishing machine
Polishing square pipe/tube
Pipe Material
Stainless steel; Carbon steel; Copper etc.
Pipe Thickness
0.2~2.5 mm Square pipe Polish Machine
Pipe Diameter
1 person 2 machines
Delivery time
40 days after receiving the deposit
Mainly to polishing square pipes
More types of Polishing Machine for Stainless Steel Tube Surface are showed here: 
Classify Type Diameter Thickness Capacity Power Size Weight
Square pipe 24Head 13×25-75×45mm 0.4-2.0mm 3-30m/min 100KW 9x1.5m 9.5T
Square pipe 28Head 10×10-95×45mm 0.2-2.5mm 3-30m/min 116KW 22.5x1.5m 10.5T
Square pipe 32Head 10×10-95×45mm 0.2-2.5mm 3-30m/min 132KW 23.7x1.5m 11.5T
Square pipe B-32Head 10×10-100×100mm 0.2-3.5mm 3-30m/min 181.5KW 25.7x1.5m 12T
Round pipe 8Head 8-50.8mm 0.2-1.5mm 1-18m/min 34.2KW 16.5x1.35m 3T
Round pipe 10Head 8-76.2mm 0.2-2.5mm 1-24m/min 42.2KW 18.5x1.45m 4.5T
Round pipe B-10Head 25.4-114mm 0.4-3.5mm 1-24m/min 55.5KW 18.7x1.45m 5.5T
3D effect chart

stainless steel pipe polishing machine 3d effect chart

Field installation effect chart

stainless steel pipe polishing machine Field installation effect chart

stainless steel pipe polishing machine

steel pipe polishing machine

  I       Base
  • The middle plate redesign, connected to the bottom, improve the operational stability


square pipe polishing machine
  II       Cant Polished
  • Increase 4 group cant polished,square pipe brightness improves 10%

square pipe polishing machine of cant polished

 III       Wheel
  • Hydraulic Power Systems(Spindle+Double bearing): Protect bearing and more stable;
  • Rubber wheel: High temperature ,long lasting and reduce loss;
  • Double bearing(with high frequency heat treatment):  Improve hardness and abrasion resistance

stainless steel square pipe  polishing machine DIY tools

  IV       Humanization Design
  • DIY Toolbox+DIY Garbage Bin: Making the maximum use of the space.