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On-line bright annealing machine characteristic:
  • In order to satisfied higher requirement of stainless steel bright annealing solution , Wedeveloped heat preservation type intelligent bright annealine rquipment which based on intelligrnt bright annealing equipment . it consists of heating part and heat preservation part , the temperature of stainless steel pipe increasing to the temperature during the production , then preseverve the heat for a period which is stabilizing treatment by heat preservation part to make carbide dissolve in the austenite sufficiently , so it can eliminate the grain boundary chromium depletion , avoid intergranular corroding . After stabilization treating , it has better comprehensive mechanical property than the austenitic stainless steel which after bright annealing .
Product Feature :
  • Tunnel movement—When the equipment running ,if pipe meets improper obstruction ,tunnel will move, then trigger switch, the whole production stop to protect equipment.
  • Oxygen real-time monitoring—When the equipment running ,real-time monitor oxygen content in the tunnel, insure the equipment is running under a safe condition.
  • Ignition and flame monitoring —auto ignite tail gas, real-time monitor flam, if improper flameout happened, it will automatic alare.
  • Tunnel pressure monitoring —When the equipment running ,if hydrogen is overpressure in the tunnel , it will auto release within safe pressure.
  • Equipment horizontal movement—When the production doesn’t need annealing ,it can be moved horizontal simply.
  • Self-compensating seal—prevent  gas leaking 

Scope of Application :

  • Pipe Diamenter:6-114mm
  • Material :300 series austenite,400 series ferrite, dual-phase and titanium  alloy
  • Power:60-600kw
Intelligent Bright Annealing Equipment - "The most safe ,efficient" - online bright annealing equipment in China: 
HGL-N series intelligent bright annealing equipment is a new developed equipment of our company, it developed safety and intelligent control condition of product, which based on energy-saving type bright annealing equipment :heat power supply is new type DSP+IGBT structure, it is employed DSP all-digital control system, installed through self-protection, self-diagnostic function .Inductor which is developed according to stainless steel character, can conserve 15% energy more than similar product.
Note: According to pipe diameter, thickness and production speed to match power
Black Annealing Equipment
Energy-saving type 
Bright Annealing Equipment
Inrelligent Bright
Annealing Equipment
Intelligent Heat Preservation 
type Bright Annealing Equipment


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