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Tube/pipe embossing machine characteristic:

stainless steel pipe embossing machine , also know as flower tube molding machine , the use of foreign advanced technology , stainless steel , iron , aluminum tubes for a for avariety of processing ( flat flowers , round flowers , craft flowers , big flower , eggs and flowers , eggs and flowers flower type ) . Machine ables the scope of the diameter (φ12-φ114mm) , thickness (0.3-2mm)

Passed the IS09001:2000 international standard certification


Model: 76Head Weight(T): 2.4T
Function: Embossing pipe Size: 1.5x1.0x1.3m
Pipe Material: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel/Copper/Aluminum/Iron etc. Operation: 1 person 1 machine
Pipe Thickness: 0.4--1.5mm Model Number: Depends on Tube's model,diameter and material
Pipe Diameter: 50.8-76.2mm Delivery time: 35 days after receiving the deposit
Useful time: 20 year Warranty time: 1 year
Power(W): 7.5KW Application: The embossing machine can process the stainless steel pipe,carbon pipe,copper pipe etc 
220V/380V/ 415V/ 420V/440V etc.

Stainless steel pipe embossing machine as well flower embossing machine for stainless steel pipe absorbs the advantage technology at home and abroad, it is applied for the tube process of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, etc. The tube diameter is about φ12mm-φ114mm, tube thickness is about 0.3mm-2.0mm, with good quality, low cost, high efficiency, which is the ideal equipment for different embossing tubes. 

ss pipe embossing machine supplier

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embossing machine manufacturers, pipe embossing machine, tube embossing machine

ss pipe embossing machine

pipe embossing machine to flower ss pipe

Machine Advantage

Low Processing Cost
High Efficiency
High Sqeed
It' s considerabluy faster than manual operation,and saving cost of human laboor.
  • Pipe Embossing Machine
  1. uses advanced foregin technology, which can process stainless steel pipe,iron pipe,aluminium pipe.We also can make different pipe design based on customers' requirement.
tube flower embossing machine for stainless steel pipe