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Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine

Industrial stainless steel pipe making machine mainly produces stainless steel pipes used for industrial area, such as air conditionar, auto exhaust, sanitary pipe appliance, sending liquid (oil, milk, beer) etc.


The usage range about roll set

The main function of the roll set is to be installed on the pipe making machine to produce steel pipes.


Tube and Pipe Trade Fair

Tube 2024 - International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair. Booth No. 71A18-7 Date: From April 15-19,2024 China YXH cordially invites you to visit us!


The Advantage of YXH Tube Mill Roll

The roll sets will be installed on stainless steel pipe making machine / erw tube mill to make stainless steel pipe/tube, iron pipe, titanium pipe.


Foshan YXH Tube Mill Roll Design

Tube mill roll design refers to the process of designing the rolls used in tube mills, which are machines used to produce tubes and pipes.


FAQ about YXH SS Tube Mill Machine

What's the stainless steel pipe complete line include? Stainless steel tube mill machine , square and round tube polishing machine , pipe roller set , welding machine , pipe cutting machine ;


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