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What is steel pipe mill machine safety regulation for operation?

What is steel pipe mill machine safety regulation for operation?



In the modern society, people pay more attention to healthy and take more care of living. More and more people discuss about campus security, food security and handling safety and so on. Then, Let’s talk about foshan yxh tube mill& mould co., ltd steel pipe mill machine safety regulation for operation. Only to be familiar with operation regulation, can you ensure safety production. Investors also can reduce unnecessary damages, and save the cost. Senior adjusting machine master from YXH tube mill suggest that:

1.First check whether the electric switch in 0, then open the power supply

2.Check whether all parts of the steel pie mill machine and air-operated system are normal, if there are any abnormal phenomenon, check out in time, lest cause equipment accident.

3.Check whether the transmission gear is correct, if not , will come abut quality question. Cutting machine pressure gauge whether at 0.5-0.7 mpa, otherwise can't cutting.

4.Properly adjust the mould, not vigorously press.

5.Regularly check the length of the products, the steel pipes in run-out table of steel tube mill machines  must beno more than 95% of its total capacity.

What is steel pipe mill machine safety regulation for operation? The body is the capital of revolution, safety operation specification can't be forgotten. 




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