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ZG50 Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Machine

ZG50 Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Machine



 Pipe Manufacturing Machine

If the customer receives such a request: stainless steel , pipe diameter 1/2’’,2’’,3’’, thickness 0.4mm. We will recommend ZG50 model pipe manufacturing machine to customer. This stainless steel pipe manufacturing machine can make ss pipe with diameter from 1’’ to 3’’, thickness 0.4mm to 2.5mm.

 ss Pipe Manufacturing Machine

The pipe manufacturing machine has also been adjusted in design to better produce big pipe in thinner thickness.

 steel Pipe Manufacturing Machine

If you are intreseted in our PIPE MANUFACTURING MACHINE,welcome let us know your needs. We will recommend suitable pipe manufacturing machine models according to your needs.

Email: fsyxh10@tubemakingmachine.com

Whatsapp:+86 18818745372


Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Machine,Pipe Manufacturing Machine