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Slotted Pipe Making Machine: The pipe making machine can only produce round pipes?



Slotted Pipe Making Machine: Many customers will have doubts, can the pipe making machine only produce round pipes? In fact, the pipe making machine can produce round pipes, square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes, and special-shaped pipes.

Although our parameter table only shows the specifications of the round tube, that is because the other shapes of the tube are deformed by the round tube.

slotted pipe making machine

Today, let's introduce a slotted steel pipe making machine. This slotted steel pipe making machine is used special arrangement: 3-3-3-1-4, that means, there is 9 PCS Horizontal stands in the forming and 9 PCS Horizontal stands in welding section,4 PCS in the sizing section.

slotted tube mill

This slotted steel pipe making machine can produce round slotted pipes, square slotted pipes, and rectangle slotted pipes.

pipe making machine

If you interested in our slotted steel pipe making machine, please send us your requirement. Our salesperson will give your machine suggestion and send you the machine quotation.

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