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Galvanized steel pipe making machine: What pipe machine can I choose if I want to produce galvanized pipes?



When we receive the customer's inquiry, we will immediately ask the customer what kind of pipe material they want to produce? Because it affects how we recommend the right pipe machine equipment to our customers. Pipes of different materials are suitable for different types of pipe making machines.

galvanzied steel tube mill

When customers want to produce galvanized steel pipes, we have 2 types of pipe making machines that can be recommended to customers. If the customer's monthly output is not large, such as 30 tons to 50 tons, we will recommend the galvanized steel tig welded pipe making machine to the customer. This type of tig welded pipe making machine can not only produce galvanized steel pipes, but also stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes.

galvanzied steel pipe making machinegalvanzied steel pipe machineIf the customer's monthly output is very large, more than 100 tons, we will recommend another pipe making machine to him. Another is ERW high frequency tube mill, generally speaking, the production speed of the tube mill is 1-80m/min.

Therefore, YXH salesperson recommends the pipe making machine to the customer according to the specific needs of the customer.

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