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Tube Manufacturing Unit:How to Make Stainless Steel tube?



Tube Manufacturing Unit: 

For customers who have just entered the stainless steel industry, they should not know much about how to produce stainless steel pipes. Today we will briefly introduce, what do we need to prepare for the production of stainless steel pipes?

First of all, we need a workshop, the minimum workshop size is 30 meters * 10 meters.

Followed by a stainless steel pipe making machine and the steel strip that needs to be produced:

The steel belt will be fixed on the uncoiler, and then the steel belt will come to the logo stamping device, where the company logo can be printed on the steel belt, and then the steel belt will come to the forming section and begin to deform. Our machine adopts W slow forming , and then the steel strip will be welded through the welding section. After welding, the steel pipe will pass through the grinding section to polish the weld to make the weld smoother. After grinding, the steel pipe will come to the sizing and straightening section, which can make the steel pipe more roundness. If the customer needs to do square tube/retangle tube/oval tube, etc., we will be equipped with a turkey head, through which the steel pipe will change from a round tube to a square tube/retangle tube/oval tube. Finally the steel pipe will come to the cutting machine and cut according to the required length.

Stainless steel pipes are produced in this way.

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