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Stronger ZG60 Pipe Manufacturing Machine

Stronger ZG60 Pipe Manufacturing Machine



Pipe Manufacturing Machine: 

Stronger ZG60 Stainless Steel Pipe Manufacturing Machine,with stronger design, Good for forming, Better weld seam quality, Faster production .

Pipe Manufacturing Machine

Pipe Material: stainless steel, carbon steel.

Pipe Diameter: 50.8mm to 127mm

Pipe Thickness:  0.5mm to 3.0 mm

Pipe Manufacturing Machine Advantages: 

1.Needle Bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand,high equipment accuracy, stable performance and long cycle.

2.Thicker stand, stronger tube mill, easier to produce heavy thick pipe.

3.Double Motors: Operation is even more stability.

4.Metal Saw Cutter: Less burr in the end of the pipe.

5.4-4-1-5 arrangement,The forming effect is better, the weld seam quality is better, the production speed is faster.

If you interested in our stainless steel pipe manufacturing machine, welcome to contact us.


Pipe Manufacturing Machine