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Cut to length line: Cut the coil to plate



Cut to length line can be divided into two categories:
  1. Cut to length line: It is used to cut to length after leveling the metal plate. It is the supporting equipment of the metallurgical equipment production line.
  2. Stand-alone Cut to length line: usually suitable for flattening a single piece of metal.
  3. Cut to length line feeder: suitable for automatically leveling and feeding tape during the stamping process.
The use of leveling machine: The leveling machine is widely used in hardware, electronics, auto parts, furniture, aviation, construction, printing and other fields. It is specially designed to straighten thin stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminum plates. Sheets and other thinner materials will be flattened. In addition to the upper and lower leveling rollers inside the leveling machine, a leveling auxiliary wheel is also installed to prevent the leveling rollers from bending and deforming due to excessive pressure, strengthen the leveling strength and life of the leveling rollers, and improve the flatness requirements of the plate surface.

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