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stainless steel pipe manufacturing machine: ss tube manufacturing process




stainless steel pipe manufacturing machine:

ss tube manufacturing process,as the picture shows:

Purchase suitable steel coil strips according to the specifications of the pipe, install the steel belt on the uncoiler, The steel coil strip will slowly deform through the forming part.our machine is w forming, in the welding section we will weld the pipe.

After the welding, it’s the grinding section,it can grind to smooth the outside weld seam.And then is the sizing section, sizing section can make the pipe more roundness; Turkey Head can make the round pipe to the square pipe, round pipe to the rectangle pipe.

Then is the cutter, this is the metal saw cutter, the pipe after the metal saw cutter , end of the pipe the burr without the burr. It’s very smooth.

This is ss tube manufacturing process.


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