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Tube Mill: Automatic Stainless Steel Tube Mill Machine

Tube Mill: Automatic Stainless Steel Tube Mill Machine



Today I will interested our automatic stainless steel tube mil machine to you.

As the picture show: this type stainless steel tube mill machine with 4-4-1-4 arrangement, which good for forming, better weld seam qualith, faster production.

and it use Needle bearings in operation side Horizontal Stand, it is easy to change and adjuse roll sets, will take roughly 40 minutes to change full set roll sets.

and this tube mill with totally enclosed automatic grinding head, easy adjustment, saving time and labor. what't more, it can make grinding section and worshop cleaner.

Metal Saw Cutter, with less burr in the end of the pipe.

If you interested in our tube mill machine, welcome to contact us at any time.

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