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Customized Decorative Slot Round/Square Pipe Making Machine Line Manufacturer



Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd mainly manufacturing decorative and industrial steel Pipe Making Machine.

Today I will introduce our Slot Round/Square Pipe Making Machine Line to you.

Our Slot Pipe Making Machine can make round slotted pipes, oval slotted pipes, square slotted pipes, rectangle slotted pipes,round double slotted pipes, square double slotted pipes. But it require that one pipe size, one set mould.

 The arrangement of this slot pipe machine is 3-3-3-1-4, 9 PCS Horizontal stands in the forming and 9 PCS Horizontal stands in welding section,4 PCS in the sizing section. Because but this is slotted tube mill, we add 3 pcs horizontal stands.

Production capacity:1-7m/min

Welder type: Ultrasonic Welding machine

Cutting section: Metal saw cutting machine

Pipe shape:slot pipe

Material: stainless steel , carbon steel/iron, etc.

If you interested in our slotted tube mill, welcome to contact us at any time.


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