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It is very important for the factory owner to manage the things in the plant , for better production and minimising cost also, if only one mistake can leads big loss in the plant, many things need to be keep in mind and also be careful before starting a tubemill plant

In stainless steel pipe factory required proper arrangements and fixtures layout for smooth day to day task such as enough space or land, load of electricity, storage room, for polishing materials like flap wheels, wax, clothing wheels.

Then there must be an office block for management employee and for the Director of the factory stocking area of coils stocking area of finished goods such as completed ss pipes, stocking areas of compressor gas cylinder if possible there should be two way entries in the factory and   now it comes tubemills area for example if there are four tubemills, there should be enough space for decoiler, tube mills and rundown table after cutting the pipe and the most important things there must be cranes for picking up heavy loads of goods fixtures and finished pipes, after completing process of pipes from tube mills it move into the polishing section for four tube mills required at least two pipe polishing machine, one is square pipe polishing machine and second is round pipe polishing machine, square pipe polishing machine has minimum 32 heads and  round pipe polishing machine has minimum 8 heads for good quality of pipes.

A ss pipe completed from many process in tube mill, first there is decoiler, forming section in this section coil start getting shape and there is too much pressure on rolls, wielding section, there is electro rode which weld the pipe in initial stage, then come grinding section, which remove marks of welding from pipes, straitening and seizing section which strait and give proper size to the pipe, after this there trucking head which use for square pipes, and then there is cutting section, there are two types of cutter, abrasive cutter and metal saw cutter, metal saw cutter cuts the pipe very accurately, these are the main basic aspects or important things for pipe production line.