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Pipe Mill: What is High Efficiency Intelligent Bright Annealing Equipment?




  Pipe Mill: High Efficiency Intelligent Bright Annealing Equipment,generally installed in industrial steel pipe machines.

High Efficiency Intelligent Bright Annealing Equipment can heat the stainless steel welded pipe to 1050℃ then cool it to the temperature lower than 100℃ under the protection of hydrogen .The heating power supply of the intermediate frequency induction is the newest DSP +IGBT structure .With DSP digital control system ,there are self protection and self diagnosis  functions .With small volume, it heats pipes rapidly and efficiently with energy-saving and low-waste features. The especially developed inducer designed according to the features of stainless steel can save 15%-20% energy in contrast of other products of the same class.Using hydrogen as protective gas ,it uses only a few litres of gas every minute.

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