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What problems may occur in the mechanical welding process of automatic welded pipe production?




Welding is an important metal processing technology that directly affects welding quality. It can weld various metal materials together to form a related system to ensure that the actual use requirements are met. However, in the actual welding process, people will find that there are faults in the mechanical welding of fully automatic welded pipe production.

1. Improper operation of welded pipe production machinery

The welding machine is an important tool for welding at present, and can be used for welding in various processes. If people are not familiar with the operation of the welding machine, they are prone to make mistakes and lead to welding failures. Therefore, people need to learn relevant operating knowledge to ensure that the welded pipe can correctly weld related metal materials.

2. Unreasonable design

Before welding steel, people need to mark the welding place to let people know its actual effect. If the designed welding location does not meet the actual use situation, it is easy to cause the welding situation of the location to eventually fail to meet the actual needs.

There are many reasons for the failure of mechanical welding in the production of welded pipes. People need to analyze the actual situation to solve the problem and ensure the actual effect.


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