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Steel Pipe Machine:How does the pipe making machine work?



Pipe making machine, equipment for making pipes, but it is also divided into several categories, one is to make metal pipes, such as stainless steel pipes, galvanized pipes, etc., the other is cement pipes, special for construction, and plastic pipes. Now, here is mainly talking about the pipe making machine that produces stainless steel pipes, so how does it work?

To know how the pipe making machine works, you must first know which parts it consists of and what is the function of each part.

The stainless steel tube machine is mainly composed of the following 6 parts:

1. Uncoiler: also called the loading rack, it is mainly used to place raw materials.

2. Forming & welding unit: includes two parts: forming and welding. Mainly, the steel belt on the feeding rack is introduced into the forming welding unit through the feeding guide device, and the argon arc welding machine is welded to form.

3. Grinding unit: After welding, there will be higher welds at the weld on the surface of the pipe, so the welds will be polished by the grinding unit (there are three grinding heads here) to make the surface of the pipe smooth and flat.

4. Sizing and straightening unit: After the pipe is basically formed, its pipe diameter and curvature need to be fixed by a sizing and straightening unit, otherwise there will be problems such as insufficient roundness, insufficient squareness, and unstraightness of the pipe.

5. Cut-to-length cutting machine: After the pipe is made, the cutting machine is ready to cut to length. Generally, it is cut once at 6m. Of course, it can also be cut once at 4m and 5m. This needs to be set by yourself.

6. Unloading rack: After the pipes are cut to length, the unloading rack is needed to place these tubes.

Connecting the above components and their functions is the working process of the pipe making machine, that is: the raw materials are introduced into the pipe making machine equipment through the loading rack, and then extruded through the mold on the equipment, and the argon arc welding machine is welded and formed. The welding seam is polished by the grinding unit to make the surface of the pipe smooth and flat, and then sizing and straightening to cut to length. Basically, the production process of a pipe ends until the raw materials on the feeding rack are finished. It seems that the working process of the pipe making machine is very simple, but for those who do not know how to operate, there are a lot of things to master. If you have other questions about how the pipe making machine works, YXH welcomes you Call for detailed inquiry, we will serve you wholeheartedly.