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Steel pipe machine manufacturer india: How to better use welded pipe equipment?



Generally speaking, the formulation of the welded steel pipe machine unit must comply with the safe operation regulations, otherwise there will be dangers at any time. The operator must not touch the mold during the operation of the equipment, and pay attention to the direction of the pipe to avoid improper operation. Health and safety. In addition, the operator of the welded pipe unit should pay attention to check whether the lubrication points of the unit are in place before operation, otherwise, pay attention to adding some lubricating oil to ensure the unit can operate and work normally. During the use of the welded pipe machine unit, some high-temperature synthetic composite aluminum-based grease should be used to avoid damage to the welded pipe unit.

How to better use welded pipe equipment is especially important.

1. Do not contact with the mold when moving

2. Before we use the welded pipe equipment, we must first check whether the lubrication points on the unit are completely lubricated

3. Daily maintenance must be done well so that the service life will be long.

Only by doing a good job in the use of the pipe welding machine can the normal production proceed.