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Pipe Polishing Machine : What is the characteristics of stainless steel round pipe polishing machine



The characteristics of stainless steel round pipe polishing machine are:

1. The host uses a frequency conversion motor and a gear reducer for speed regulation, which is stable and durable, easy to adjust, and has a low failure rate;

2. The grinding head shaft is subjected to high-frequency quenching heat treatment, double bearings are installed, and the polishing wheel is lengthened. The polishing speed is more than 30% higher than the output of the conventional polishing machine, and the polishing effect is brighter and completed in one time;

3. The grinding head motor is heightened, and the dustproof effect is good, the motor will not be burnt due to dust, and the maintenance is convenient;

4. The large round pipe polishing machine uses intermediate rubber wheels to reduce friction and achieve better polishing effects; belt maintenance is free, cost savings, and downtime is less;

5. Electric feeding of the grinding head is easy to operate, reducing work intensity and improving work efficiency.

Choosing the right stainless steel round pipe polishing machine is the key to the sales volume of stainless steel pipes.