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Square Pipe/Tube Polishing Machine

Square Pipe/Tube Polishing Machine



square Tube Polishing Machine

Square tube polishing machine is mainly used in hardware manufacturing, auto parts, steel  furniture, machinery, standard parts and electroplating industries, such as cleaning, polishing, etc., before and after this, it is the best choice for slender shaft polishing. The square tube polishing workpiece has high brightness and does not affect the original size of the workpiece. It is especially suitable for centerless grinding and polishing of the workpiece. It has high work efficiency, high surface roughness and stable performance.

Features of square tube polishing machine equipment:

1. High efficiency square tube polishing machine, good polishing and durable materials.

2. This machine is easy to operate, stable product performance and low noise. The product can be used in different industries to use dust removal systems.

3. The guide wheel of the machine rotates in a non-polar speed regulation mode, which can better satisfy the grinding or polishing of workpieces with different diameters and different lengths. Because the guide wheel of the machine adopts non-polar speed regulation method, the polishing workpiece is more efficient, smoother, and the wearable device is durable.

Application range of square tube polishing machine equipment:

Industry: hardware, electroplating, furniture, standard parts, auto parts, hydraulic transmission and other manufacturing industries. It is suitable for grinding or polishing the outer surface of various square tubes, shafts, rods, polishing, rust removal, and paint removal.

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