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Automatic stainless pipe manufacturing machine:Why is there a missing welded pipe?



The second common problem in the process of stainless steel welded pipe:Why is there a missing welded pipe?

The main reasons for missing welded pipe are

1. The position of the welding gun is too high

2. The welding gun is not aligned left and right

3. The current is too high and melted

4. The current is too small for welding

5. Without argon gas, the welding fire is not concentrated

6. The mold and steel are stained with water or oil, causing the welding fire to not concentrate

Therefore, the common problems in the pipe welding process are not necessarily the problem of the mold or the professionalism of the adjuster. There are many reasons. Therefore, in the process of pipe making, we need to be more focused, more invested, and more Good guarantee of high productivity.

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