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How much investment ss tube mill line is reasonable?



How much investment ss tube mill line is reasonable?

For stainless steel welded pipe industry, many businesses have certain understanding, but for many of the details of operation, is not very understanding. How much investment ss tube mill line is reasonable?

In the process of investment to discuss, YXH found a lot of businesses are hoping to start with a tube mill line. But for now, A line of production investment efficiency is not high. We suggest that the customer wants to occupy the market, wants to be bigger and stronger, you must raise enough money, have your own factory (of course can rent the workshop), and have professional and technical personnel. Of course, many clients will ask some questions. For example, we have fund and factory, but we are not familiar with technology and production equipment investment, how to do? Looking for cooperation manufacturer, can help you to solve all kinds of problems. FoShan YXH provide you with one-stop production services.