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The operation of stainless steel pipe making line, We are the top choices!



The operation of stainless steel pipe making line, We are the top choices!

Paying attention on the operative way of stainless steel pipe making line, it can not only ensure the pipe production to operate efficiently, but also can extend its life.

However, what is the correct way to operate steel pipe making line? We will introduce the  matters need attention about the pipe making line operation.

stainless steel pipe making line

1. First of all, we should know the pipe diameter,thickness,material that the machine can produce.

2. Before starting the machine, we need to install welding pin and cutting disc, adjust the magnitude of current, check the length position switch. After confirmation, started the power switch, observed the voltmeter and ammeter. Confirmed that it didn't have abnormal situation, then turn on the gas switch and the cooling water switch, the host switch, next to the forming machine switch.

3. After the start of production, we must check the quality of the first pipe, the condition of pipe diameter, length, straightness, roundness, squareness, welded bead, grinding, making etc. According to the condition, we promptly adjusted the machine.

4. During the production,we should always check the quality of pipes. If have any problem, we must promptly report to the master, forbid to adjust machine without authorization.

5. After shutdown, we should clean the machine. If the machine have a failure, timely to find the maintenance man to repair.

YXH company is good for the operation of the stainless steel pipe making line, with 20 years of research and manufacture of steel pipe making line.