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The stainless steel tubes and pipes industry has witnessed demand  from various  domestic industries like real estate, construction, telecom, power, energy, entertainment zones, metros, airport ports, recent years demand is mostly levelled, most of the demand for ss tubes in India is from real estate(both commercial and domestic construction).in order to setup a tube mill industry, first step is to have ss tube mill project report. This report include crucial areas like industry size, no of machine for the projected output, market potential of the product, reason for investing, segmentation and characteristic of various sizes of the tubes and their demand along with usage, customer group to be targeted, project cost, working capital, various government regulation and standards to be maintained, export and import potential, procurement of raw material and labour for the industry.

ss tube mill

We at YXH with the expertise of setting up various tube mill plant around the world, catering to specific customer demand, technical experts for no to minimum error in setting up the tube mills taking various factors in consideration like geographical aspect of the location, the plant size, dust scenario while polishing and grinding of stainless steel pipes etc. Advising our client on the no of machines required for the required production and size of the industrial plant. Taking suggestions and feedback on any issues regarding tube mill and moulds and try our best to solve the clients problems on time. We have recently opened the reprofiling and service branch in Hisar, Haryana to make service part accessible to our clients in India, in future, we are planning on opening more of service and sale offices around India.