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How many do you know about decorative stainless steel tube mill?



How many do you know about decorative stainless steel tube mill?

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Along with the society’s progress, scientific development, people’s living standard had the big enhancement, stainless steel tube already popularized each each household. However, do you know about ss tube how to produce? And how much do you know about stainless steel decorative tube mill?

Don’t worry. Now, we will give you a brief introduction of YXH machine: stainless steel decorative tube mill. Our brief introduction with two parts: application & production process.


Finished products (tubes) could use in these areas: Ornament (stair railing(hand rail); security doors &windows;guardrail), furniture, steel products, household appliance tube(round tube,square tube and irregular tube).

decorative tube mill

Automated production process: Decoiler -- Forming -- Welding -- Grinding -- Sizing -- Straightening -- Length fixed -- Cutting -- Unloading.

Foshan YXH Tube Mill & Mould Co.,Ltd. is specialized in stainless steel tube mill 17 years.

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