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Stainless Steel Tube mill performance almost depends on Rolls because Rolls give finishing to Stainless steel pipe, we cannot ignore rolls if we want standard quality pipe, the raw materials of rolls also matter, because good quality of raw materials increase the efficiency and durability of rolls.

There are 56 rolls in 3314 stand tube and 62 rolls in 4414 stand tube mill, the another thing people should keep in mind that the reprofiling  of rolls, it is most important thing while somebody using rolls in tube mill, rolls required maintenance on specific time interval to produce high quality pipe, there are also many kind of raw materials which used in tube mill rolls such as D2, CR12MOV, SKD11, SKD61, etc.

roll set

To reprofiling rolls there should be professional tube mill engineer who can also operate CNC machine, CNC a kind of machine in which tube mill rolls repair or reprofile on a specific time, it is very complicated and tough task for CNC engineer to reprofiling rolls there many which should keep in mind of engineer while doing such task on CNC, a minor single mark on roll can destroy the finishing of stainless steel pipe, so those who are doing rolls forming work on CNC are well experienced and also professional employee of the company.

Chinese rolls are much more good in quality than Indian rolls because they have best raw materials to make high standard quality roll sets, the technology of making rolls are much far from Indian technology, the service life of Chinese rolls also much more than Indian rolls and there are very much difference in the quality of Indian and Chinese stainless steel pipe,

Foshan YXH are dealing in best standard quality of rolls from last 20 years, and providing rolls which have best raw materials, good heat treatment, hardness of roll sets, long service life, good durability and matched the international standard YXH design the rolls will affect pipe quality. 


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