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304 stainless steel tube mill with factory price



304 stainless steel tube mill with factory price, We are in process of setting up a SS tube mill plant in Haryana (India). The sizes of pipes under discussion are from 3/8 inches dia to 2 inches dia including square and rectangular section in the range. Grade of raw material will be SS 202 and SS 304 in the range of 14 gauge to 22 gauge. Please guide us through the process of machine finalization and submit your product catalogue.

stainless steel tube mill

Thanks for you inquiry about our tube mills , All our products are made of high-quality imported raw materials. quick Response to Your Enquiry.  and our guarantee time: 1 year + life guarantee repair.Within quality guarantee period, except for failures caused by human error, repair parts will be provided for free. After the quality guarantee period, only charge the cost of the spare parts.

304 stainless steel tube mill with factory priceIf you tell me more about your pipe requirements, we will give you the price asap.