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What kinds of pipes could YXH SS tube pipe making machine make?



What kinds of pipes could  YXH SS tube pipe making machine make?

Pipes are been seen everywhere in our lives, many investors and designers would make beautiful and practical things. Then, many investors would seize the chance to cooperate with professional tube pipe machine manufacturers. and foshan yxh tube mill & mould co., ltd is the professional manufacturer 20 years, and  we can manufacture ss pipes diameter 6mm-325mm, thickness 0.2mm-6.0mm

SS tube pipe making machine

This pipes can be used in interior and exterior decoration, furniture sector, architectural decoration, handrail, balcony, widow, door framing, gate, automobile sector, flyover railing, medical equipment, industrial equipment, industrial usage, lift.

All of this ss pipes , if they can meet the requirement of diameter 6mm-325mm, thickness 0.2mm-6.0mm, we can make it.