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Stainless steel pipe polishing machine manufacturers-equipment technical reform



I want a stainless steel pipe polishing machine which not only can save money but also have high polishing speed, polishing the pipes lighter, could you recommend for me?

ssl pipe polishing machine

Of course , you should choose Foshan YXH tube mill & mould co.,ltd, they have a equipment technical reform.

1. Add four groups of oblique tossing, square tube luminosity increased by 10%;

2. Bearing: use a black bearing, after high-frequency heat treatment, grinding finishing outside, improve the hardness and wear resistance, speed also affect the service life

3. Steel plate surface through end milling processing, surface smooth, installation height consistent, stable performance and reduce the loss of the accessories of the production tubing

4. The handwheel design:  greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce labor cost

5. The middle plate, connected to the bottom,  increased the whole device stability.