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YXH Tube Mill Manufacturer Happy Travel to Yangjiang

YXH Tube Mill Manufacturer Happy Travel to Yangjiang



In order to enhance the consciousness of team spirit., let employees to have a relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, YXH tube mill manufacturer specially organized  a " happy travel  to Yangjiang " activity.

On August 22, 2016, YXH tube mill manufacturer all the employees on the luxurious bus to Yangjiang, began a two-day trip to lock slope. Set out at eight o 'clock in the morning on time, we are laughing all the way, at this time, everyone were particularly relaxed, and  feel the company welfare from various aspects.

after our arrival  , not only to enjoy the tranquility of the local but also  the abundance of food. After a brief rest, we went to the water park, colleagues chase on the beach, close to the sea, pick up shells, some picked up the branches to paint in the beach, some run on the beach.
The next day, we came to clean leisurely horsetail island, experience the joy of fishermen fishing, enjoy the pleasure of harvest. on the way, ship after many islands, witnessed a horsetail beautiful scenery of the island.
Happy time always have a special fast, suddenly far ,we have to be back . This activity not only enrich the spare life of employees, but also enhance the communication between the departments cooperation,  and then enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, better to emonstrate the company's team spirit, let us at a higher enthusiasm into future work.



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