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Foshan YXH: On-line or Off-line Hydraulic Automatic Steel Pipe Cutting Machine



Foshan YXH: On-line or Off-line Hydraulic Automatic Steel Pipe Cutting Machine

Steel pipe cutting machines are widely used in various fields. In our company, the cutting machine is mainly divided into two categories: On-line steel pipe cutting machine and off-line steel pipe cutting machine.

On-line Steel Pipe Cutting Machine is mainly used to match steel pipe making machine. It is used to cut steel pipes/tubes. According to different steel pipe/tube machine models, match the corresponding pipe/tube cutting machine.

Steel pipe cutting machine

Off-line steel pipe cutting machine is also used to cut steel pipes/tubes. However, the difference between the online cutting machine is that the offline cutting machine can process the steel pipe according to the customer's requirements (such as length).

steel pipe cutting machine

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