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Square pipe manufacturing machine in India

Square pipe manufacturing machine in India



There are different type of square stainless pipe depending on size such as ½ inches, 1 inches, 2 inches upto 3 inches. Different manufacturers are there in India, few of the well known square pipe manufacturer are Sarthak industries based in Ahmedabad, K.S electromech private limited based in Faridabad, Prashant nishant industries based in delhi, Shivam engineering based in Ahmedabad and many more. majority of square pipe manufacturers in India are from Ahmedabad because of large no of industries for ss pipes manufacturers in Ahmedabad .general process to make a square pipe begin with making a round pipe first, then using the die rolls in turk head a round pipe to convert it to square pipe. machine used for producing square pipe are same as those used for making round pipe, only difference lie at the end of machine section called the turk head.

square pipe manufacturing machine

At YXH for square pipe manufacturing we provide different machines depending upon the pipe diameter, two different range of machines are decorative pipe making machine and industrial pipe making machine.in each range of machine there are different machine like in decorative pipe making machine we provide ZG30 for pipe diameter of .2 to .8 upto ZG100 for pipe diameter of 1.0-6.0 mm, again in industrial pipe making machine we have GY40 for .3 to 2.0 mm to GY120 for 2.0-8.0 and another GG range from GG40 for .3-2.5 to GG120 from 2..0-8.0 mm .we have different kind of machine for different requirement of customer.


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