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Rotary Swaging Machine---embossed pipes’ application

Rotary Swaging Machine---embossed pipes’ application



Rotary Swaging Machine---embossed pipes’ application

With all kinds of decorative style: modern simplism style, country style, Chinese style,etc., people are more and more requirement on the change of stainless steel pipe’s fancy. Rotary swaging machine can satisfy your need.

rotary swaging machine

The stainless steel pipe process by YXH pipe embossing machine, with varieties of beautiful and chic pattern, that let’s the product more pleasing to the eye. And the pipes can be used for furniture, handrail, stairs, decorative items, etc..

pipe embossing machine

Decoration makes our life become colorful and wonderful. So, use rotary swaging machine to let the goods around us are more pleasant.


Rotary Swaging Machine,pipe embossing machine