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Round Pipe Polishing Machine with high configuration

Round Pipe Polishing Machine with high configuration



Round Pipe Polishing Machine

With high configuration

Polishing Machine is one of the important equipment for welded pipe processed. With people on the stainless steel tube brightness, smoothness requirements increased, the production requirement of pipe polishing machine become increasingly strict. It creates YXH high configuration round pipe polishing machine.

pipe polishing machine

YXH round pipe polishing machine characteristics:

1.Main motor adopt frequency conversion and gear reduction, stable and durable, easily operate, low failure rate.

2.Grinder shaft blackening treatment, with duplex bearing, high speed.

3.With box-type structure, exhaust duct and dust collection box.

4.Heightening motor, easy replace and maintenance.

5.Use rubber wheel,high temperature,extend the useful life of materials, further reducing the loss.

With the existence of new technology polishing equipment, which can change the traditional polishing method, to achieve efficient and stable production.


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