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Problems encountered during production of stainless steel tube

Problems encountered during production of stainless steel tube



Problems encountered during production of stainless steel tube

In the case of the consolidation of the pipe machine and the steel belt, the main factors affecting the welding speed are mostly the welding process. In tube machine with steel belt integration if welding is not good, it's easy to have a crack, bite edge, slag inclusion, without amalgamation phenomenon such as well, the main factors influencing the welding speed is welding process more relevant. To find out the reasons for this, the following summary comes from the YXH company:

1、Incomplete penetration: The welding current is small, the welding speed is too fast, and the welding gun Angle is not normal. The proper welding current and the correct adjustment of the welding gun Angle can avoid the failure.

2、Severe oxidation: In the case of self-melting, the inner pressure device in the tube failed to provide good protection, and the back of the weld would be oxidized. In the welding process, the protection of molten pool and wire end protection, or the oxidation of the surface of the wire will also be oxidized.

3、Slag inclusion, tungsten inclusion: If during the welding process, welding wire end out of the argon gas reserves, in the process of high temperature oxidation in air, when welding again by oxidation of wire end did not clean up, and into the molten pool, convicted of slag in the broken oral test. If the length of the tungsten electrode is too large and the welding gun is unstable, the tungsten electrode and the electrode of the tungsten electrode and the tungsten electrode are not terminated. Because the pipe is round, the welding gun, the wire Angle to change at any time, so the gimmick must be stable and accurate, can avoid the phenomenon of slag and tungsten.

4.Inset: During welding, the welding gun has a large swing, so that the electric arc heat cannot be concentrated at the root, resulting in the backside of the welding seam below the surface of the specimen. The arc heat is concentrated at the root, and the soldering part can avoid the inner concave.


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