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Foshan YXH Tube Mill Online Show 20200924

Foshan YXH Tube Mill Online Show 20200924



Due to the epidemic, some customers who intend to carry out the pipe making project plan cannot go to the factory to check the situation of the pipe making machine and put the project on hold. However, market conditions change frequently, let alone lose a lot if you don't keep pace. In order to reassure customers, we have prepared several Online Show for the introduction of YXH company's plant, introduction to the pipe making machine/tube mill machine, and answers to some common questions that customers have in the pipe making process.

tube mill show

The first Online Show:

China Time: 2020/09/24 21:00-22:59



The secondly Online Show:

China Time: 2020/9/27 17:00-18:59



The third Online Show:

China Time: 2020/9/30 19:00-20:59



Welcom to watch and support us!

And If you are interested in steel pipe making machine/tube mill, don't hesitate to contact us.

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