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Water Pipe Production Line:Why is 304 stainless steel the first choice for stainless steel water pipes?

Water Pipe Production Line:Why is 304 stainless steel the first choice for stainless steel water pipes?



At present, the stainless steel water pipe market is gradually becoming popular. Under the strong promotion of national policies, the release of the new national standard signifies that stainless steel pipes have officially become the first choice for indoor water supply pipes. Therefore, at present, it is not only high-end office buildings, hospitals, schools, and municipal projects, but also households. The decoration also began to use stainless steel water pipes, the improvement of people's living standards, no longer just look at cheap prices to buy, more attention to health.

However, stainless steel pipes are also divided into several materials. The common food-grade materials are 304, 304L, 316, 430, but why 304 stainless steel pipes have become the first choice for everyone. YXH will introduce to you separately below Here is the difference.

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1. In terms of price. Generally speaking, the price of 304 stainless steel pipe is relatively middle and cost-effective. 430 stainless steel (iron) does not contain nickel, so the price is relatively cheap. In the 300 series stainless steel, the price of 304 is relatively cheap compared to 304L and 316. 304L is a low-C stainless steel. The difference in production technology makes the price more expensive than 304 stainless steel. 316L stainless steel contains MO (molybdenum) element. Its corrosion resistance and high temperature strength are greatly improved, but its price is quite expensive.

2. Connection method. At present, the connection of stainless steel water pipes is generally divided into welding connection, threaded connection, crimping connection, welding construction is troublesome, the site must use electricity, and the temperature of the welding part is high and it is easy to show chromium depletion, and it cannot be performed on site. Solution treatment makes the welding part easy to rust, and this welding connection method has a higher cost, and is generally used on thick-walled and large-diameter pipelines. The threaded connection method has many processing procedures and high precision requirements. It is generally suitable for thick-walled stainless steel pipes or where live joints are required. Extrusion type connection is currently the most widely used method for stainless steel water pipes. There are ring pressure connection, clamping connection, and clamping Wait.

3. Processing performance. Due to poor mechanical and technological properties of 430 stainless steel, strip defects in the rolling direction will appear on the surface after stretching. 316 stainless steel has high strength and is easy to plastic process. 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of good processing performance and high toughness. It is very convenient to process and easy to design for pipe fittings. The processing performance of 304L is similar to that of 304, but due to its low carbon content, it has excellent resistance to grain boundary corrosion after welding or stress relief. It can also maintain good corrosion resistance without heat treatment.

At present, most of the small and medium-caliber stainless steel water pipes are thin-walled and seamed pipes. The cut steel strip is made into the specified size by the pipe making machine, and the pipes are connected by pipe fittings. The pipe fittings need to be flared and bent. The processing performance requirements of stainless steel are relatively high. The convenience of installation is also a point that people pay attention to when using. The crimping connection method specially developed for thin-walled stainless steel pipes is fast and convenient, with good connection effects and safety.

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Therefore, in summary, 304 material has relatively good advantages in terms of cost, difficulty in processing, and connection methods. This is the main reason why everyone is willing to choose 304 stainless steel water pipes. When buying stainless steel water pipes, remember to choose 304 stainless steel water pipes.


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