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Square Pipe Polishing Machine: Dust Collector System

Square Pipe Polishing Machine: Dust Collector System



Dust Collector System

Square tube polishing machine is a mechanical equipment used to polish square tubes. It is usually used in workshops. Now people have a strong sense of environmental protection, and many workers are unwilling to work in dusty workshops. Therefore, according to the needs of users, a dust collector system is added to the design of the round tube polishing machine.

pipe polishing machine

After installing the dust collector system, there will be no dust or powder flying during polishing, which also protects the health of the operators. The metal powder produced by polishing can be collected to prevent the metal powder from flying around in the workshop. Inhalation of metal powder in the lungs has a great impact on human health, so installation of dust removal devices can not only create a good working environment, but also protect the health of workers.


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