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Large Diameter Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe Making Machine


Today I will introduce one pipe making machine for you. The large diameter industrial stainless steel pipe making machine, the pipe diameter is from 89mm to 219mm, and the thickness is 2.0mm - 9.0mm. The arrangement of this large diameter industrial stainless steel pipe making machine is 5-3-1-2-3, that means, 9 PCS Horizontal stands in the forming and welding section, 2 PCS in the pre-sizing section, 3PCS in the sizing section. This large diameter industrial stainless steel pipe making machine mainly produces large pipes and thick pipes, the horizontal stand is very thick, and inside of horizontal stand we used the roller bearing. It has good precision and can withstand large loads. And this Horizontal stand up or down, we control by the motor, and horizontal stand and vertical stand is connect. The welding section we used plasma welder. And  in the grinding section, we used 3 pcs full automatic grinding head, and than is the belt grinding, which it can make the welded seam more smooth and more beautiful. This machine we used belt saw cutter. 
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