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Pipe Machine: what is ZG40 tube mill?

Pipe Machine: what is ZG40 tube mill?



I introduce ZG40 tube mill for you .

Pipe Machine

This machine can produce from the 8mm to 50.8mm diameter, thickness from the 0.3mm to 1.5mm. Of course, our machine can customize, if you want to produce the 2.0mm, 2.5mm, we also can customize for you.

This machine can produce the round pipe, and the square pipe, and the rectangle pipe.

But require, one pipe size require one set mould.

For example, you produce 25.4, the you require the one set mould, is the 25.4. and the 31.8 also you require the one set mould.

So you can produce any size from the 8 to the 50.8 by require the mould only.

And the material can be, the pipe material can be stainless steel , and the carbon steel, and the galvanized steel. You can choose the material.


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