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Know more about Galvanized Pipe Making Machine, click it!

Know more about Galvanized Pipe Making Machine, click it!



In building areas, galvanized pipes are relatively common. It usually used for structural steel frame, greenhouse,etc. Although it all, a lot of people don’t know about the galvanized pipe making machine. And they have the questions of the machine, why the carbon steel pipe need to galvanize? Why not use high frequency machine?

Let’s to answer! Used galvanized pipe making machine to produce pipes, the key is the zinc supplementation machine. And the galvanization iron pipe, to avoid rusting. If you won’t to purchase the high frequency machine, you can choose the galvanized pipe making machine. The three points difference between the frequency machine are welded machine, production speed and grinding head. Galvanized pipe making machine use the ultrasonic welder, that weld bead is more delicate. The production speed is relatively slow. And the machine don’t need the grinding head.

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