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Introduction: Stainless steel Tube Polishing machine mainly used for smooth and shinny surface to get mirror shining ss pipe, because it also prevent contamination, create a reflexive surface and prevent from corrosion, to obtain clear surface need to fix particular size of grit abrasive, so we can say polishing is the multistage process, it start with rough grit size of  abrasive and each stage of polishing uses higher finer grit size of abrasive until it get clear surface of ss pipe. The rough girt size removes the imperfections on the pipe, such as pits, nicks, lines and scratches from the pipes,the Stainless steel tube polishing machine play a vital role in the tube mill factory because it is the main and very important part of complete ss pipe before going to sell in the market.


It gives a magnetic, sharp and impressive looks to pipe and after the polishing of pipe it also increase durability of it as we discussed in introduction part.

There are many kind and sizes of pipes required in the market such as square pipes in many sizes and  round pipes also required in many sizes, first is square pipe polishing machine which contain minimum 32 head, in the form of motor also used flap wheels and clothes wheels, then round pipe polishing machine contains 8 to 16 heads, in the form of motors it also used flap wheels, and clothes wheels.   


TUBE POLISHING MACHINE,Stainless steel Tube Polishing machine